My eternal fear scientifically what is it?



When fear crept into your mind it must be something outrageous…
In fact we’re not afraid because the scence is scary…which is not scarly in real…But we are scared because we’ve learned once something and we had a psychological reaction on it… it is called a fight or a flight response.
So when you get scared of something like your dealing with some issue do you stay and fight or escape? in both ways your body does a number of things automatically so it’s ready for quick action or a quick escape. 


Your heart rate increases to pump more blood to your muscles and brain. Your lungs take in air faster to supply your body with oxygen. The pupils in your eyes get larger to see better. And your digestive and urinary systems slow down for the moment so you can concentrate on more important things.
however….the right choice will make you feel calm if you’ve chosen to stay and fight of course…but the wrong choice will make your body disturbed for a while and then maybe you’ll survive or maybe you’ll get nut! so it’s better to calm down when your panic’d everything is so worthless 😉




This book is about racism and devotion, when the devil is pulling you to someone that looks like an angel when he smiles at you, it’s him othello our nigga guy, William is not racist, but the fact that people are racist, he got influenced by them.
Best book I’ve ever read.